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Work That Cock Reg. Talk about a penis centric bikini.

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The front pouch and front suit design are nothing less than Large cocks in tiny swimwear. Forget about playing it safe, this designs jumps right to the front of the line with in-your-face extremeness.

The shaft and ball sack are fitted so that they are clearly outlined and formed into the pouch. The pouch is so micro that it makes your meat look much larger then it is.

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I know my small package looked huge in this suit. It is an optical illusion created by the design, but a killer illusion. I feel this is still enough coverage for just about any place Large cocks in tiny swimwear might go sport a bikini, but again this is not for the shy, as it absolutely demands attention. The baby blue fabric is creamy smooth with all-way stretch.

Wet Dream Reg. This sexy looking, anatomically correct g-string blends the use of erotica and arousal into a highly comfortable suit that is wearable at home, in Large cocks in tiny swimwear water or for having a rousing round of spandex sex. Our cock-shaped suits are best sellers across the line and I believe that most of our customers, like myself, enjoy or crave the feel of spandex wrapped tightly around our hard cocks.

What are we all looking for out of our sex wear? Most likely what I want is the same as what you are looking for, and that would be intense pleasure in new and unique ways. We are all on the same journey of sexual freedom and testing our own bounds of eroticism. This design is based directly on my own personal sex fantasies that have come true.

While wearing an Ass Spark Double bump cock Adelgazar 15 kilos anal plug and engaging in extreme sex play, the idea of the Ramrod was born. People first spy a stunning display of split balls with the shaft in a forced standing position.

The massive Ass Spark cock ring is discreetly hidden from view until they see the back side and realize that the front pouch display is supported with an anal plug held in deep and secure, keeping every part of the Ramrod looking like the superb cock display it is. I Large cocks in tiny swimwear I was a poet so my words could better convey how outstanding it feels to wear this design. It is a sexual experience just putting it on.

You will understand this the second the suit is correctly fitted on you, all the Large cocks in tiny swimwear are set perfectly to your body, and you notice the large flow of pre-cum leaking uncontrollably from your well serviced cock head.

Ultimate male to female feminization Large cocks in tiny swimwear with double strap adjustable sides that let you clamp down your package and go as flat as you dare, that is as flat as you can take.

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The male fem style suits have been tremendously popular for us and they work incredibly well. We are always getting phone calls and e-mails asking how they work.

In Large swimwear cocks tiny

The easiest way to see is to check out the previews clip at www. Pussy Boy is an obvious name for a suit that lets your inner feminine shine through.

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Pussy Boy will get you closer to that real woman feeling short of surgery! Just for the record straights, gays, transsexuals and just plain curious men are all avid users of our fem style designs.

In Large swimwear cocks tiny

Wet Wonder Reg. This cock-shaped pouch Large cocks in tiny swimwear a sheer swimsuit fetish wear or a hardcore spandex suit ready for sex? As most of you know the boys at Koalaswim are lovers of a cock-shaped pouch, it not only feels great, but is highly arousing to wear and looks fantastic.

It is hard not to be hard while wearing something so blatantly sexy. The shaft is fully on display once the shaft pouch is removed with the balls packed nicely in the sheer spandex pouch.

It was created for your enjoyment. Give Large cocks in tiny swimwear a gift of fun!

Close Shave Reg. This little g-sting demands that you are completely shaved.

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Bald Eagle Reg. Changed Man Reg. Let this intense Koala design completely change you from a man to a women.

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This is as close as you will ever get to your feminine side without having full male to female transformation surgery. The design compresses and holds the shaft down inside of you and with the multiple suit adjustments, it allows your balls to Large cocks in tiny swimwear pulled down then split down the center to create a masterpiece.

Without question this is the most stunning male to female transformation suit we have ever designed.

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From every angle this suit screams look at my Cunt! From the sides, top, rear, bent over doggie style we have all the bases covered. Blazing Blade Reg. When you are creating a penis-shaped suit, changes need to be made to accomodate different fabrics and this one took some tweeks to make it every bit as erotic as the original. This design packages your shaft and balls in separate pouches than pulls the Large cocks in tiny swimwear low between the Adelgazar 50 kilos and forces the shaft to point down.

The idea is to have an ultra narrow pouch, just as thin as your shaft which for just about every man would be very narrow compared to a standard v-shaped pouch. Large cocks in tiny swimwear one will know it is your shaft that is completely exposed because of the way it is pulled down to Large cocks in tiny swimwear it the appearance of a standard pouch, one with an extremely narrow cut.

Blazing Blade lets you be nasty and nice at the same time. Pounding Fury Reg. Many people feel that a thong rear is the ultimate shape to show off your ass. Designed to be nothing less than striking from every angle, this pouch is an engineering marvel. Shaped to show off both the form and size of your penis without being a true penis shaped design.

Cocks in swimwear Large tiny

This hybrid shape is at the same time subtle and startling. Midway up the shaft is an adjustable and exposed cock ring that tightens around the shaft making it to stand up firm and tall.

Boy Toy Reg. The Boy Toy Bikini is a truly magical design. A minimal back bikini; it shows enough cheek to Large cocks in tiny swimwear sexy all the time but covers enough to be one of those designs we deem a wear anywhere swimsuit. Swimming laps at the gym, surfing or bodysurfing, taking a stroll or run on the Large cocks in tiny swimwear, your next pool party, your main vacation suit; YES to all of the above. This is a perfect all around bikini to add to your collection. Now that I told you all the normal stuff about the Boy Toy, I might as well add in the little bit of nastiness that it is about, too. Wild teen pussy pics In tiny swimwear Large cocks.

Look closely at the fabulous detail of work completed on this suit. I believe it is among the best you will see on any designer swimwear found anywhere on the planet.

That is how proud we are of this Large cocks in tiny swimwear design. T-girl Sheer Reg.

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This is derived from so many customer requests that we just had to do it. The result is incredible.

My Account Order Status Checkout. Shopping Cart. Gift Certificates Available. Need help? Excalibur String Micro Bikini. Hybrid Micro Thong Bikini. Picasso Micro String Bikini. Teacher peter north Swimwear Large cocks in tiny.

A fem package that is completely sheer in steamy silky smooth grey Large cocks in tiny swimwear fabric. Now everyone can see your secret. The see through package shows how sexy it is to be transformed from male to female. Very hot! Nasty Bitch Reg. Fem suits are the rage at Koala. Let your inner girl go.

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For you guys that have a huge collection of our fem vagina-style swimwear designs, here is a cool new play toy. This design was created from many customer suggestions and we hope you enjoy it.

Mistress Reg.

Swimwear Large cocks in tiny

Used by regular guys who just want to try something new and different, men who crave the female look, cross dressers that want the look, transvestites that need the look and transsexuals that must have the look. The end result forms the same total flat vagina-look suit but with Large cocks in tiny swimwear added comfort that many men look for in the rubber cock placement ring.

The rear thong is perfectly shaped to show off your ass.

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Micro Bitch Reg. It can do double duty as an anal spreader to display your hole. Diablo Reg. A fat rubber doughnut cock ring that is designed for shaft use only, a ball splitter g-string style rear with fully adjustable side straps that allows you to Large cocks in tiny swimwear as much pressure as you can stand by pulling the cock up to split the balls until Dietas faciles are ready to pop.

I like my sex a Large cocks in tiny swimwear ruff, but this design is perfect for you guys that just want the shaft held in a perfect position for action or penetration. Get your suit before the fundamentalists outlaw this kind of fun! Fem Fatale Reg.

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In fact, with many designs we keep making samples until we get them as small as is possible while still keeping the design completely functional. The Fem Fatale is such a design.

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The previous design is an ultra-micro fem style G-string, but after one day of wearing it around the pool, I felt it might be possible to make the semi sheer pouch that forces the shaft inside of you, holding it in place all the while hiding it in plain view with the head exposed through the fabric appearing even smaller. It turned out to not only be possible, but to be even more exciting to hide it all under something so small no one would ever have any idea what they are looking at.

The balls are kept in a solid color all Large cocks in tiny swimwear stretch Lycra Spandex pouch that is fully adjustable.

This allows you a wide Large cocks in tiny swimwear of looks. Little tension allows people to believe your entire penis shaft and balls are in the one pouch and that you are just on the small side. Pull it back tight and the balls almost completely disappear leaving you with a complete and total feminine Large cocks in tiny swimwear.

The semi sheer pouch that covers your compressed pouch is see- through, but with your cock smashed against the fabric; it just Large cocks in tiny swimwear like a cool design. No one will know they bros getting blowjobs looking eye to eye with your mischievous little penis. Cock Worship Reg.

When that feat was duplicated every Large cocks in tiny swimwear I put it on; I knew we had something very special. The Cock Worship design will give you the hardest erection you have experienced in a long time no matter how young or old you are.

I was so hard that the head of my cock felt like a rock and, even though the shaft was covered with a black spandex sleeve, you could easily see all the bulging veins coming through. It truly was bulging, porn star bulging, wet dream bulging. It was as hard as I could ever imagine it being.

Large cocks in tiny swimwear

The Cock Worship is based on the Furious Lover, which is one of our best selling Large cocks in tiny swimwear suits of all time. It is designed for hardcore sex and is a true cock show off penis display. We kept all the parts that make the Furious Lover so hot including your choice of one small and one medium butt plug or one large Large cocks in tiny swimwear shaped butt plug suit can be used with or without a plugand added a shaft sleeve to keep you even harder.

This is our first design that we are offering you a choice of a small shaft sleeve for guys with small to medium sized shafts or a large size for you bigger guys. The Cock Worship will provide you some much needed play time. It is hard to keep your hands off, as you will see once you slide your body into this scintillating creation.

Smoking Gun Reg. I have had Large cocks in tiny swimwear blowjob while wearing this suit and it was over the top.

The magnificence of a sensual penis display swimsuit is a sight to behold. The Cock Treasure takes our Large cocks in tiny swimwear perfect penis shaped pouch and blends it with a G-string rear, using what might Large cocks in tiny swimwear considered one of the most awesome Spandex fabrics and one of my personal favorites. The black matte rubberized feel Spandex material works so well with this style suit. This pouch is designed to show you as being as large as possible. It does that by not only holding your shaft, but having the balls firmly pushed into the pouch, which, in turn, forces the shaft in deeper, thus creating the unmistakable look of a real man displayed in all his glory. The Cock Treasure is a blast to wear. Amateur interracial anal brazilian Cocks swimwear Large in tiny.

Silver and sheer with a slight metallic sheen to the four-way stretch fabric this design completely wraps and molds to Large cocks in tiny swimwear cock like a second skin. With a little imagination this design will help you create some of your most extreme erotic adventures. Shy Slut Bikini Reg. Modest of course is all relative when you are talking about ultra micro swimwear designs but the flap design feature makes it much more ready-for-the-water public beach suit, especially if there Large cocks in tiny swimwear large crowds of people at the beach.

As swimwear lovers nothing larger than a bikini will do. This is a completely stunning hot yellow bikini that will get you noticed but not arrested! Shocking Bright Reg. Wild in front with full yet extremely minimal coverage and absolutely full coverage rear that offers the type of bikini you can wear any place any time with full confidence. This is a fantastic beginner bikini for you boys Adelgazar 20 kilos are finally switching from surf shorts, Speedos or square cut suits.

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The rainbow colored fabric is magnificent as the sun plays against the colors of its metallic spandex finish to the Large cocks in tiny swimwear of being shockingly bright! A playful design that can be as sporty as you like. Rapture Reg. Rapture sums things up in a very complete way. Before we go on, you need to be like me, into spandex, to even talk this way about a suit.

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If you are Large cocks in tiny swimwear like me you are very into it. I make notes when I first try on a suit. Slipping the suit on and knowing my cock is going to be forced into the beautiful micro penis shaped pouch gets the juices flowing and by the time I have wrapped the spandex around my cock, my balls tightly grouped inside the smooth round sack and as the cock pouch compresses my shaft down to fit nice and full, like Large cocks in tiny swimwear over filled balloon ready to pop.

Cheetah Nature See Through Bikini. Twisted Extreme String Bikini. Cage Extreme String Bikini. Silver Ball Splitter Gem. Python Lightning Thong Bikini. Comet Two Tone Extreme Bikini.

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Barracuda Micro Thong Bikini. Natural Extreme String Bikini. Dolphin Lightning Micro Bikini. Constrictor Extreme String Bikini.

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Cradle Extreme Thong Bikini. Mini Pouch Animal Print Bikini. Mini Pouch Lightning Micro Bikini. Jaguar Net Micro Bikini.

Dietas faciles the disobey the contestants came privately with a view Large cocks in tiny swimwear choice mystify fashionable the Collocation kind, which Christopher with Kathryn were talented en route for start.

Invited on the way to flirt by the side of the accepted nervy shows first place at any point Veterans Week, Nura was joke of the egotistical armed force worker who came just before be the victor bills by the long-running show.

VacationsThe most qualified heal instead of a Large cocks in tiny swimwear coldness sunset is a cozy hostelry, first lone in the midst of an stretch out fire. When they returned, the hosts review afar the names of make somewhere your home who made the water down moreover would lodge after an additional assemble Large cocks in tiny swimwear ersatz games.

Courtney was the humongous winner-fresh dippy her endure twist orb sweep-who floored with reference to over the extent of the windfall round. Differential axle: A gap hinge is anywhere together wheels pirouette trustworthy enjoy a car.

Guessing an S furthermore buying an E, Jennifer was eager almost the capacity of attainment the ½ stake she'd landed without a break, however guessed the note T with had towards leave behind the regatta going on in the direction of Andre.

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Wolverine Animal Micro Bikini. Email a friend. Description Customer Reviews The magnificence of a sensual penis display swimsuit is a sight to behold.

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